Does this make me a alcoholic?

I'm 20 years old I've never been much of a drinker before I think the only time I have ever been drunk before now was when I was a young teen probably around 14 years old when I first tried alcohol for the first time but as of recently I've started drinking every night, I suffered with social phobia for most of my teenage life so I haven't had a strong circle of friends because of that but in the last 3 weeks I have started drinking alcohol it started with just taking a shot of vodka to help me sleep at night but then it suddenly became a regular thing because I enjoyed the feeling from it and in the last 2 weeks I'd say I haven't drank for maybe 2 nights but for 2 weeks I've pretty much drank every night, sometimes it will be a little bit but other times I have gone through bottles and over 20 cans a night. Right now it just feels like something I look forward too but my family have expressed their worries and concerns about it

Does this sound like something to be concerned about to you?


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  • Sounds more like binge drinking to me
    However I would defiantly recommend that you slow down with drinking alcohol it's highly addictive and if you're seeing regular patterns then yes I would assume that is something to be concerned about.
    What makes it more concerning is you mentioned you wasn't much of a drinker before so that could indicate that something might be up if you're now suddenly drinking and have only stopped drinking 2 times in 2 weeks which would be concerning for anybody so yes I would say defiantly be careful and cut down by a lot


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  • Alcohol is addictive. Once you are hooked you are hooked for life.

    Alcoholism is a progressive disease. That means it gets worse even if you stop drinking. Some alcoholics are surprised to find that even tho they may have quit for years, when they take that one drink they not only can't stop drinking but they find themselves so overpowered with getting drunk that it ruins some of their lives.

    Nothing good comes from excessive drinking. Hope you stop it before it makes a train wreck out of your life.

    If you need to get a buzz smoke some weed, if it is legal where you are. Much safer with very few negative side-effects.


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  • I went through a faze of this and luckily for me it was just a faze but for a lot of other people they aren't so luckily and it quickly becomes a addiction that they feel they have no control over. I think it's best if you slowly cut down and then cut it out completely for a longer period of time


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  • Do you feel like you need the alcohol? If you feel like it's a need and a must then yes you're a alcoholic but if you answer no to that then that doesn't mean you're not a alcoholic most alcoholic's go through a long period of denial before they admit they have a problem but if your family are concerned about it then I think you should be too
    See if you can go 2 weeks without drinking any alcohol and if you can then no you're not a alcoholic


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