What's some good drunk people food?

I needed eat eat now and decided to microwave ramen. Name your snacks, if you drink. And go!


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  • If we're talking hangover food, hard for me to beat Shijimi miso soup:


    The thing works like a miracle cure for hangovers. I tried bananas before, drinking lots of water, over the counter medicine, none of that helps so much. But Shijimi miso soup makes me instantly feel better.

    I've had some American friends over in Japan who had terrible hangovers after some wild nights and kind of coerced them to trying Shijimi. The thought of drinking this fishy miso soup when you're hungover is actually quite repulsive at first, but once you taste it, the hangover starts melting away.

    If we're talking about just food that complements drinking well, I like fish and chips, pizza, edamame, pickles, Mexican food.


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  • There was this russian dumpling place in the town I went to college in that was truly amazing when I was drunk.

  • Some fried food I like it also helps to remove hangover...

    • Had greasy chicken for my hangover today! Not totally sure it's a real thing though haha.

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    • Excuse me, the pc term is 'festively plump burger'!
      Haha I've had kind of Greasy Calamari and I think it had the opposite effect before.

  • Potato chips or chicken nuggets are my usual drunk snacks.

  • Chipotle or Qdoba or a cheeseburger


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