Was I drunk last night?

I pretty much NEVER drink but last night I had 3 full glasses of wine and I lost some balance, things were funnier, had trouble concentrating and it got to a point where I thought I was gonna be sick so I stopped drinking. I tried laying down but I felt a little worse that way. I feel ok
now for the most part but a slight headache and feel like I need some eggs and bacon haha


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  • If you dont drink, yeah 3 glasses of wine will get you drunk.
    And I feel for you, wine drunk is not a good feeling.


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  • yes... talk about a light weight... I drank a full bottle and barely felt a thing

    • Well it was my first time so... plus I'm real skinny which I heard can add to it

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    • Is this a competition

    • no I just found it humourous :p

  • I believe so. You were at the very least tipsy.


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