Any beers like Yuengling traditional lager?

I'm new to beer drinking and I tried this at a buddy's party last weekend. Shockingly, I really liked it (because I'm just not much of a beer person) but it's not sold in my state! D:

I've heard Shiner Bock is pretty similar, can anyone attest to this? Any other suggestions?
I gather that you folks aren't that into alcohol.
You guys reeeeaaallly suck.


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  • Seriously. Your (lack of) answers are bad and y'all should feel bad.


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  • Thomas Creek Appalachian Amber - This Greenville, SC discovery is a smooth ale with none of the grainy aftertaste of a Yuengling. Its slightly sweet maltiness makes it a great gateway in the amber category—if you're feeling brave after this and want to go darker, try the brewery's Dopplebock Lager next.
    Defiant Muddy Creek Lager - When in the New York-New Jersey area, grab a six-pack (or better yet, a draft pint) of this small Pearl River brewery's amber lager. With a hoppier bite than Thomas Creek's offering, it's a toasty pour that will make malt fans smile.
    Brooklyn Lager - One of the flagship lagers of the modern craft brew era, Brooklyn Lager has happily gone nationwide with its classic take on the Vienna lager. Lighter in color than its counterparts on this list, it nonetheless retains the same smooth maltiness that defines the style.
    Great Lakes Elliot Ness - Since we're making today's post into a history lesson, this offering from Cleveland is doubly appropriate—not only is the beer a true Vienna lager with roasty, caramelized notes, but its name comes from the famous Prohibition agent who was also the employer of the brewery founders' mom.
    Ballast Point Calico - The hoppiest of the five brews recommended here, this amber ale was in fact inspired by the British Extra Special Bitter beer style (a kissing cousin to the classic pale ale). But Calico's balance of malts and hops will sit well with Yuengling lovers who might want to branch out with a little bite in their brew.


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  • Im underaged

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    • I know how to use Google. Thanks though.

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    • @OrdinaryGentleman "young girl"? Also, I'm sorry you felt the need to write out that long of a response when you knew you'd get nowhere, I'm sorry that you think I care enough about you or anyone else on this site to act respectably, and I'm sorry that you think words on the internet are a good way of judging a person's whole character. Although I fully understand you thinking I'm a piece of shit considering this conversation is your only encounter with me. But again, I'm fresh out of give-a-shits so the shitbaggery on my behalf will undoubtedly continue.

    • Im glad my work made you understand how things work, so you did get something out of it.
      that was incredibly honest hmm new answer, i guess i did get something from you as well. Anyways your attitude gets you nowhere lol But eh people are always tougher online than in real life, so you got that going for you.

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