Found a piece of metal in food?

I baked pork loins for my husband and i to eat for dinner, as my partner was eating, he felt a hard piece, and wondered what it could be cause pork loins dont have bones. He took it out and it was a broken piece of metal! Looks a bit like a stone too. I bought those from cub foods. Has anyone ever found something weird in their food and did something about it? What should i do? Should i report it?
My husband first thought was that i put it there to kill him (-_-)


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  • I would talk to cubs food's customer service.

    P. S. as a side note, whenever you eat red meat, like pork and beef, you're reading metal. Iron is what makes the blood red which is why it's called red meat. But their shouldn't be noticeable metal pieces in it.

  • What is cub foods?

    • A grocery store chain in the Midwest region of the U. S.

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    • It's probably up to the individual owner of the store.

    • @Miezko really? I never knew. I've always hated aldis cause we need a quarter everyday just to get carts, plus we need to bring our own bags for all the things we buy cause they dont provide bags. So its always crowded by the cashier area cause people take long to orgnaize their bags and such. These are all why I've stopped going to aldis cause the policy is hard and just plain dumb.

  • Sue them! You'll probably get some money :D


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