If you consume products from the human body, are you still vegan?

Since the human is also an animal, does that mean that vegans are not really vegan if they consume human products like breast milk or cum?


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  • As long as you didn't rape or didn't abuse that person in any way I think it's vegan xD

  • I think because breast milk is made for human beings specifically to nurse offspring that it's okay. I dunno about cum though. If your vegan wouldn't eating cum be like eating a bunch of dead babies? Lmfao. Hypocrites if you ask me.

    Drinking other animals milk isn't good for us because it's not made for our bodies. It's made for their babies that are made up of the same DNA. It doesn't exactly coincide with our biological make up.

    I'm no scientist but probably something along those lines.

    • what about other liquids or stuff made by our body?

    • Well... what else would you consider consumable because eating feces is not recommended and anything that tastes bad the human body naturally rejects like piss. If we were animals like cats and dogs who don't exactly have the level of consciousness that we have we wouldn't be drinking piss... Well actually... dogs eat poop hahaha so I don't know. I'm confused now. What other bodily excrements could we eat? tears? period blood? sweat?

    • pussy juice, yeah blood too.

What Guys Said 1

  • And don't forget the bunghole! Any strict vegan should be able to use that particular component as a soft-serve pudding dispenser!


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