What is. the weirdest thing you have ever tried from a fast food restaurant?

I tried one of the new Whopperitos from Burger King tonight. I thought it was decent. More than what I expected, but still tasty. Only thing is I think the melted cheese is too spicy. But overall I gotta give it to Burger King for giving it a try.


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  • red robin ramen burger, it was actually pretty good. Though honestly the burger was just too big and would have been better small.

  • Fast food... hmmm
    -Burger king veggies burger (it was just a morning star patty, so, it wasn't foreign at all once I tried it)
    That's really about it. Fast food is generally pretty bland.
    I mean, I've made some crazy soda combinations (especially in Firehouse bc of the cool drink machine)

    • I do like the Freestyle Coca-Cola machine

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    • I didn't know that, No wonder the tacos are so lacking. At least Taco Bell does better

    • Yes :3 you're exactly right! I get taco bell alllll the time, way too much, especially that 5 dollar deal XD the cravings deal was my lunch and dinner for far too many days this summer

  • The weirdest thing I tried was their spicy chicken fries. Those were not flattering at all. I LOVE Burger King, but that was just a failure for me.

    I haven't tried their Whopperito yet, but I do plan to sometime this week.

    • Did you ever try the hot dogs?

    • Well, I would have, but the problem is that I don't have control over the amount of condiments I want over it, becuase the workers are usually in a rush anyway. So, that was one reason why I didn't try it. Plus, I don't like really thick hotdogs. Makes me feel like I'm eating flesh.

    • i haven't either yet. I want to though

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  • Burger King has the weirdest promo items, and they almost always disappoint.

    I remember a while ago, KFC offered a "free" chocolate cake with a meal order. It was literally like eating a bland foam with dried chocolate icing on top. Chocolate cake just didn't belong on the menu, and it SUCKED.

    • Hardees/Carl's Jr. is good at making gimmicky burgers, but their prices are too high

  • Tico bells new frog legs crunchy tacos.

    I'm just kidding, they don't have that but sounds interesting.

    Wendys black bean burger... not too shabby.

    • Wendy's does a lot of experimental stuff too. I've never really seen McDonald's do a lot. but when they do they usually fail

  • Nothing. Fast food restaurants aren't restaurants as they don't actually sell food.

  • nothing really


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