Are you fine with eating food like HOTDOGS or BURGERS from fast foods after finding out what they are ACTUALLY made of 🌭🍔?

  • Yes, If it tastes good I don't care what it's made of (or other reasons)
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  • Ewwwww! Disgusting 😷 Nope! (or other reasons)
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What Girls Said 1

  • Yea, I try not to figure out what they're actually made of lol. I don't really eat fast food that often, but I'm not really going to turn it down. I've had it before and I haven't died, so guess that's fine.

    • 😆😁, that's what all my friends say. I don't like any of that stuff but if you just eat it once in a while there's no real problem I don't think.

    • haha yup, i agree!

What Guys Said 1

  • It taste so good though 😊 but I at least try to eat it in moderation

    • lol, I get that it can tastes good but it's fake. All that tastes is from carefully balanced chemicals so it's just perfect. As long as you aren't addicted to that stuff I guess it's fine

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    • Yeah that's so true, anything to make a buck but they put so many chemicals and fat in our foods that's why so many people are overweight

    • IK right. At least someone sees what's going on and not just me!

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