Have you ever had or drank any Purple Nurples before?

If you did, then how was it? How did it taste like?

If you haven't would you want to try it? if so, here's the ingredients or recipe:

Purple Nurple

1 oz. Malibu® coconut rum
1 oz. triple sec
½ oz. Blue Curacao liquer
2 oz. cranberry juice

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into an old-fashioned glass, and serve.

Purple Nurples, anyone?
Has anyone drank shots of this before at their local bar (s) or any bar (s)?

If not, what about make and serve them to someone else such as customers before?


Most Helpful Guy

  • sounds good, will ask my bar tender about it

    • If you ever tried one, and since the recipe is already there, let me know what you think of it. Also, I think it's supposed to be drank in shots, but you can ask your local bartender about it and see what they have to say about this drink lol.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I have not had one yet.

    • Let me know if you ever try them. Seems like they are consumed in shots only. I just brought them up randomly for being a fan of SuperNatural.

    • I figured that was the reason why. Haha.

  • not as of yet

    • If you ever do try them, let me know. I think they are consumed in shots only. I thought the name of the drink sounded funny and silly that I wanted to bring them up.

What Guys Said 5

  • Never tried it but don't think I'd be a fan. It seems a little bit tame to me with the Malibu and Triple Sec making up the main alcoholic part of the drink (very soft liquor). Curaçao can be a bit stronger but it makes up such a small portion of the drink.

    Might be a hit with the girls though. It sounds very sweet but cut with the sour cranberry juice to kind of balance it out. It's not something I'd drink with the goal of getting wasted.

    • My favorite drink of this kind of fruity/tropical sort is a local one they have here called "Dynamite Kid". It's basically Spirytus combined with pineapple juice and sometimes a dash of Cointreau or Triple Sec. The concoction leads to a tall glass of juice with about 48% alcohol that just tastes like pineapple juice with an epic punch that will kick your ass.

      Everyone I introduced the drink to ended up drunk as hell before they had any idea what hit them. It's a good one.

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    • ohh i've seen that on menus

    • I see. I haven't really drank any liquor on a regular basis and I don't like the idea if drinking just to get wasted. Just a beer or 2 here and there with my buddies.

  • No, because in general I refrain from any and all alcoholic beverages!

  • No, but I am fascinated by the idea of coconut rum.
    I thought that the definition of rum was that it had to be made from molasses.

  • No alcohol for me JudgmentDay!

    • I only drink a beer or 2 with my buddies and it's been really rare once in a couple of weeks or months kind of thing. Not a big fan of Wine or the hard liquor stuff. And I find that beer is best consumed with an appetizer or a full entree at least from my own experiences.

    • I do not judge alcoholic consumers, as long as they do not have an issue with me about my not-drinking-alcohol behavior.
      However I found it weird, that a group of people (my colleagues then) were all staring at me with fully open eyes when I told them "I do not drink alcohol at all - the only exception is glowing-wine from nurnberg on occasion." on a get together with beers. I didn't drink alcohol and will not.

  • I have not


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