Do you have any kitchen tricks/work-arounds you have to do?

For me, we don't really have a proper stove currently, just a little portable one that's heavy and too high for me to reach most days, so I cook my poached eggs in the kettle ^.^
(My SO also decides to cook his hot dog sausages in my kettle ha).


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  • i have a nameless trick i frequently use instead of preparing a roux, which can get clumpy or instead of using sauce/gravy thickener, which always runs out and i never have the right one (dark or white):

    just put roughly a cup of milk and 2 tablespoons of flour in a shaker, shake it up, put some milk or water into whatever you´re cooking and SLOWLY (cause it thickens slower and more than you might think) add the mixture from the shaker, untill you got your desired thickness.

    • That's a smart one, and I can imagine unless you eat gravy regularly having the correct thickeners doesn't seem like something on a usual grocery list! I know I don't have that ha. I use flower to thicken creamy pasta sauces, so makes sense.

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    • i wouldn´t ever have noticed :P it´s not my first language anyway ^^

    • thanks for MHO :3

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  • Our kitchen sink plumbing has been fucked up for a bit so we place storage bins in the sink so that we can still run water and then just dump the water filled buckets down the toilet.

    • Oh that must suck! ha. Hopefully it gets fixed soon

    • Yeah it does really suck but as of right now its just to expensive to fix so this works for now...

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • Not really a trick but some days when I am lazy, I go in the supermarket, get prepared meat tray and a prepared vegetable tray from the fresh food counter , it is a bit more expensive but there are days you don't want to be 30/60 mins preparing/cooking. You can just put trays in the oven, go watch TV or go online. Plus you can fool yourself by saying they are freshly healthily prepared dinners as opposed to processed unhealthy microwaveable meals.

    • True, I have been guilty of that one a couple times!
      And they usually taste pretty good unless you screw it up lol

  • I don't usually prepare meals


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