I think im developing an eating disorder?

I have no idea if this is true or not but i cannot stop focussing on how much i eat or weigh and hate myself for anything and everything i eat
I know it isn't right and i should stop but i can't. Iook so disgusting and hate myself nonstop anf the only time i am happy is when i see a lower number on the scale. I've mentioned it slightly to my fiance but he really dislikes the topic bcause of the amount of self hate i have upon myself


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  • Stop worrying. That's all you need to do. If you start thinking about the scale, think about something else. If you start worrying about what you're eating and trying to restrict foods, still eat normally. Continuously counteract all the bad feelings and eventually you'll get over it.

  • Well if you don't now, you will soon... If you keep thinking like that.

    Like, it isn't about weight. People fixate on weight, but that isn't even that important. Instead of thinking "how much do I weigh" ask yourself "how healthy am I?"

    Instead of just your weight, go to www.bmi-calculator.net and find out your body fat percentage. Then, you choose a healthy target and work towards that.

    And like, if eating is hard for you, you can have drinks to supplement (only part) your calorie intake :)


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