Am a chef. Do you have food allergies? What are they? Do you need help?

I hear this a lot that some people has food allergies but they are embaressed (which i don't get it) to tell people.
I can help and there is nothing to be embaressed about, it's stupid.


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  • Jackfruits. Weirdly enough, I grew up eating jackfruits. I love it. And i never had any problems. Then, I left southeast asia for almost 10 years. In which i never ate jackfruits in any form. When i came back to asia and ate the fredh fruit again, I physically felt my throat burning and closing up, my lips swelling and getting numb, and difficulties swallowing. All within minutes of taking the first bite. Dried products also still cause all those symptoms, only less severe

    • Yes! that can happen, the reason is unknown (but it can be a protien). Example: Apple and cucumber allergies, even grass. Do you have pollen allergy?

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    • is that a thing? I don't get it. Why would i tell people that i have allergy that i don't really have? It makes not sense

    • Like I said. Some people do that to feel llik 'i'm a special snowflake. I can't eat what everyone else eats... I need special food for my special, senstove stomach". The whole i'm-better-than-you charade...

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  • I was allergies on shrimp but It did not happen I ate last time. Dont know why?
    But I heard a french female is allergies on shrimp too.
    Is it because lemon, we used it on some of sea food?
    Theoretically, lemon+shrimp= posion

    • no never heard of that lemon+shrimp= posion. It's most possibly how they treated the shrimps, it can be some chimical treatment that makes your body rejects it.

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  • I don't have any allergies, but there are certain foods I can't have much of because my stomach simply won't tolerate them. Anything greasy or super rich I have to really limit myself on. Everything at McDonald's bothers my stomach.

    • I follow you. Last time i ate fast food was 4 years ago. What ever fast food is, just make it at home. what ever i bake i take less sugar, less cream and so on. Skip fast food as much as you can

    • Yes, I agree. I can handle Wendy's food and some of the less greasy stuff, but only once in awhile.

  • If o had food allergies I'd let it be known but often the servers are ignorant about hearing or getting those questions which can add to embarrassment by the diners.

    • But it will effect your health (if you had allergy). Some allergies are dangerous.
      A tip: if the waiter/servers has no idea about what you are talking about , you should call the manager. Nothing embaressing about it, it's more embaressing for the restautang that it is for the person.

    • Oh I agree completely.

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