What's the craziest thing you've done drunk? What about the craziest thing you've done high?

I haven't been either and don't plan to, but I'm curious what kinds of things people can do while they're either.


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  • Never been drunk nor high. Just not interested in finding out what that lifes all about lol

    • Me neither. Metalhead Zoidberg approves.


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  • I haven't done anything crazy when drunk/high, i just fall asleep. My friend got super wasted at myrtle beach, and when we were walking down the side walk he just whipped his dick out and started pissing (he kept walking). He almost pissed on a family of 4(The parents and their 2 daughters). Needless to say we left very quickly after that


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What Girls Said 1

  • Drunk- called my best friend and asked him to marry me
    High- made out and maybe more with another girl and I'm straight (but that was when I was on way more then weed)

    • Do acids or shrooms make you do stuff like that? I know little about those two.

    • Acid makes you imagine shit that's not happening is real and that's how I did it I don't even remember how it happened tbh

    • Sex is last thing on your mind while trippn

What Guys Said 1

  • I dunno, I done so much crazy shit in past when drunk. Well there was this one time me and my friend once started this fire in forest where we suddenly saw this police helicopter begin flying around us. So we scattered away and legged it but my friend fell and got his leg fastened in some barbwire and I struggled for time to help set him free. All he did for the rest of that night was complain about his trousers been torn to shreds.

    When I was high me and my mate got lost in graveyard when it was a total foggy night. You literally couldn't see anything and crazy shit was happening all around us. It was like silent hill in there but creepier with it been a graveyard.


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