Should customers who always start trouble in a restaurant still be allowed there if they spend a lot of money?

The same two guys and their wives order three 50$ bottles of wine, and get 24$ steak dinners and hang out all night every Friday. It's great money as a server and and they tip well so what's can be wrong with it? The issue is they seat themselves in a booth every week the second dinner hour rush hits (6pm). They don't see a hostess and we ignore then until they do or make them move when another group comes to the hostess stand and wants the booth they are in. When this happens or they wait a long time they run up to the hostess stand then one guy makes a scene by screaming "our wives and us have been waiting 45 minutes for a waiter and menus and are getting angry by the lack of service. If its me they approach I say," we will not serve you unless you see a hostess and get seated by them. You need to wait like everyone else." Once seated they are alright but should this behavior be accepted?


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  • While you do want to keep well paying customers as happy as possible, they do need to respect and follow the rules of your establishment. If they know they need to wait to be seated, they should be waiting to be seated, not coming in acting like they own the place and doing whatever they want. I don't know that they should be kicked out, and I've never been in the restaurant industry, but maybe the manager needs to tell them that the way the restaurant is run for ALL customers is that they must wait to be seated.

    • While I try to be nice and the manager has talked to them as well but it's like come on dude your a 55 year old man throwing a temper tantrum in public. It's a 3 second process just say you want a table and well take care of you. The manager is tired of it too it's not just the servers.

    • Yes, that's intolerable. He sounds like he just likes to start trouble. I guess it is ultimately up to your manager to decide what to do about it though.

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  • Yes, returning big spending customers should be given priority (discreetly) over one-offs. That table is dropping nearly $1k per month into your business and probably you're not looking after them? That's madness.

    • Well I'm just a partim server who works thursday-sat to cover rent and tuition so I don't have power and my manager tells us to do this and treat then like other customers. Also I understand once they have an issue they but shouldn't learn they need to speak to a server or hostess after that? Its kind of immature behavior for a 55 year old man to act so stubborn.

    • Your manager is pretty silly then, unless you are full booked and are turning over tables several times a night, annoying these kinds customers is pretty silly. It's not just them either it's what they might say to their well-off friends, it kinda snowballs.

      I agree it's a little immature but i would be quite annoyed if i was a regular, spending big and couldn't get a few little perks (like being served out of turn) for it. I'd be seeking out the manager instead of shouting at the waiters though.

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  • I say financial concerns might win over but I would like to bar them or tell them to behave themselves


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