Espresso in an Ice cream cone?

OMGGGGG! I think i'm in love *I'd take the whole cafe please* <3

Would you try it? Espresso in a chocolate coated Ice cream cone?
I think the person who was behind this, is an absolute genius! nomnomnom

The only unfortunate thing about it, is that you have 10 minutes to drink your coffee (before it starts to melt the coated chocolate inside) :( i take WAYYYYY longer to drink my coffee..

Espresso in an Ice cream cone?


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  • I would try it, I've had columbian coffee icecream before and it was really good so I'm sure this would be

    • Oh lucky! I would love to be able to try it :/

    • The good thing ab it is that it was store bought, but I don't see it anymore *sigh* lol

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