What do you think is the best chicken breed for eggs and which is best for meat🐓🐔🐓🐔 ?


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  • Polish chicken. Malay chicken.

    • Never heard of those 2 are they even in my country😂

    • Polish chicken eggs are quite huge and whiter compare to others.
      Malay chicken meat are great because they are really large in size and is used almost everywhere in Europe and Asia. Malay chickens are very hardy, active, energetic and are rugged that's why is good to chew on.

    • That explains why I never Hurd of um I live in the us 😂

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  • I didn't know there were different breeds of chickens lol

    • How did you not know?

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    • Gag teaches me something new every day. Thanks OP.

    • If u want to be a vet or a farmer's you sure as hell do I guess it's a country thing

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  • Ostriches arw best chickens for meat and eggs.

    • Ostrich is not a chicken and they could kill me I'm not taking that egg I like living. To thare eggs are kinda gross

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    • They are not chickens and neither is a emu

    • whatever OP.

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  • leghorn or Rhode Island Red for eggs
    Bresse and Orpington for meat.


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