What's your favorite ice cream?

What's your favorite ice cream?

Okay so, I'm seriously craving some ice-cream right now. My ABSOLUTE favorite is Haagen Daz's Salted Caramel... god I want some. Whats yours?

This is in Dating because I'm hoping to find someone who agrees with me lol, no one near me likes it.

What's your favorite ice cream?OH. MY. GOD. Ah that's orgasm-worthy mmmm.


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  • mmmm haagen dazs is so good.

    my fave flavors are rocky road (esp haagen daz). chocolate chip cookie dough by haagen dazs is also amazing

    but generally rocky road, tin roof sundae, and a good vanilla are faves of mine

    • I know right? I regret not trying it earlier, but now I have learnt. Once you go Haagen, you never go Back... en.

    • haha. secret... i never had haagen dazs til i was 30 years old. changed my life.

    • I just had it THIS month, the cravings are real!!!

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  • HD is one of my Favorite Brands when it comes To... Ice Cream.
    Cookie Dough Though is One of my Best from the Rest, and Cookies n Cream as well. lol
    Good luck and Now I want Some., @saltedcaramel xx

    • *Welcome to GAG, Hun. xx

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    • Oh, so welcome, and you will learn more and more as you go on. Just keep it light, post anon when you need to and just enjoy. You will be Master before you Know it, Time goes real quick on here. lolxx

    • Just tried some Turkey Hill Strawberry Cheese Cake, hun.. Great! xx

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