Sugar crystals in honey?

My bottle of honey has sugar crystals like crazy in it! Is this normal? Or should I toss? Sorry if this is a dumb question!!


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  • It will be fine if you heat it up it will go back to liquid form.

    • What he said. Immerse the container of honey in some hot water for a few minutes. The crystals will go away.

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  • I think I've always heard that honey never goes bad. I think it would go back to normal if you heated it up. I'm pretty sure you've just got sugar crystals in sugar goo. Mix it all up, add heat, and you'll have straight sugar goo. Good luck.

  • If you would have googled this you would have found out that not only is that normal but you would have also found out how to fix it.

    • If I'm supposed to "go google" this what's the point of this website? It's in the food category and everything. Lmfao

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    • Do you have a crush on me or something? You're probably flirting since you've seemed to take a lot of interest in me. I'm flattered

    • Dang OP. That is really sad that you think this is what a conversation with someone who has any amount of fondness for you sounds like.

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