What are some different but delicious dessert recipes?

My brother's birthday is in a month and I want to make him something extremely delicious but not your average chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookie kind of thing! Do you guys have any desserts that are a bit outside the box but extremely delicious? If you could post the recipe too that'd be so helpful! Also it's not too big of a deal but a more simple recipe would be great since I don't have too much experience! But I have plenty of time to learn and practice so it isn't a big deal!


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  • Cream cheese brownies. Easy and fast. A box of brownie mix, 1 package of cream cheese, powered sugar. Make brownies as called for; mix room temp cream cheese with 3/4 cup powdered sugar and pour over brownie batter. Bake at regular baking temp for brownies. It calls for 2 cups of powdered sugar but 3/4 cup is plenty; I like to actually taste the cream cheese. After baking let brownies cool completely and cut into bars. Line a container with wax paper and layer brownies and paper if you're taking them to him. Good luck!! :)

    • And I've got a super easy cheese pie recipe if you'd like it just let me know. No baking required!!

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    • Yes!! They are good plus it's easy! Which I great! :)

    • Oh yeah! This might just be the winner! I'll wait to see if more replies come in though 😊👍🏼

  • A tiramisu? It's not an unusual dessert but it's different and you could put candles on it to make it cute lol


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