How much chocolate do you currently own?

How much chocolate do you have?
I just stocked up on chocolate today, so I have almost 4kg :3
  • No chocolate :(
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  • <200g
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  • 200-500g
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  • 500g-1kg
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  • 1-4kg
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  • Over 4kg
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  • Too much to count
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  • Just a bunch of random left overs that I was giving to the kids from the neighborhood that came around on Halloween.


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What Girls Said 8

  • I'm pretty sure we have at least 500g of it just from chocolate bars we have but also gifts from last Christmas :P Way too many selection boxes and stuff.

    • If it's from last Christmas it likely won't be very nice anymore

    • It'll be fine, just not as great as it was originally but alas, one can only eat so much chocolate.

    • Yeah but it's been almost a year :P How much did they give you? 20kg? :P

  • Tooooo much
    I usually don't like chocolate but I was craving it like crazy today and I feel like passing out ( naturally don't stand chocolate it gives me nausea)

  • Chocolate Protein Powder; that's it.

  • I ate it all already T_T

  • It has to be dark chocolate.

  • less than200g

  • I love chocolate. But not so much at once. It will go bad. I eat it once in awhile and get the quality chocolate.
    My little son asked me to get him some. I have to next time when I go out to a specilty store.

    • It doesn't go bad that fast. They had a special offer and I saw it doesn't expire for over a year so I got 4kg of it. It'll probably only last me 3-4 months so it won't go off

    • reg. store brand chocolate turns whitish after opening for 2-3 months.
      which did you buy?
      i dont really get stuff in quantity, i dont eat much of it.
      i might take a piece or two here and there... then it sits in the fridge or shelf for the next few months lol
      my boyfriend does that. he buys a few bars and eat it daily...

    • Yeah but it's in 100g/200g bars so I don't have to open them all at once. I always have a bar open and have a square every now and then when I feel like it, usually a 100g bar lasts 2-3 days

  • no chocolate for me, don't wanna get fat and full of zits πŸ˜‚

    • I eat tons of chocolate and I'm not fat and don't have zits

    • lucky you then, I wish I could eat it everyday

What Guys Said 2

  • Only sweets i have home is milk , sugar and fruits. I haven't ate a chocolate for almost 5 years.

  • I gave out some chocolate to Trick or Treaters but usually there is never any chocolate in my house/


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