Vegans and vegetarians, can you recommend good breakfast and lunch ideas?

Just curious. I'm not a vegan by any means, but I'm getting tired of eating meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all the time and was wondering if you guys had good ideas for breakfast and lunch. Dinner, I plan to eat meat, but lately, it hasn't been sitting right with during the day, especially after I work out. Plus, my parents don't eat the best and don't eat a lot of vegetables and since I've moved back in with them, I want to try to make healthier meals for them, too.

So I'm open to any suggestions. I think there's a blender in our house, but I'd prefer not to have a smoothie all the time and I know my parents won't drink those. I am trying to lose weight, but that's not why I'm asking for vegan meals, but just keep that in mind because I'm not trying to gain weight, either.
My parents won't eat tofu. Maybe I should've been a bit clearer on that, but they are the old 'soul foods' type. So pretty much it's usually like fried chicken (which is actually breaded chicken baked in the oven... yeah, they're weird), mashed potatoes, spaghetti, chili, greens, black eyed peas and every vegetable almost has ham in it. So 'tofu' won't exactly fly with them so I'll use it, but make sure I an hide it well in the dish so they don't turn it away lol


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  • Muesli, without added sugar is nice or hot porridge with salt or honey.

    Fried mushrooms, hash browns, eggs, baked beans (preferably one with less sugar and salt than the market leaders), fried tomatoes.

    Wholemeal bread with butter and jam or honey or Marmite.

    Quorn is a good meat substitute.

    Great, now I'm hungry.


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  • Breakfast: Cereal with full fat milk, porridge with golden syrup, platter of fried eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans and hash browns, toast with butter, jam and marmalade, coffee with milk.

    Lunch: tomato soup, sourdough bread roll, roast chicken, roast potatoes, brussels sprouts, fried tomato, gravy, sticky toffee pudding with custard, coffee.

    Snack: Chocolate with hazelnuts. Do not buy Hershey, it's vile. Buy British chocolate.

    What has this to do with veganinity? Let me explicate you. Not eating meat is a stupid idea. Not eating meat is the stupidest idea in the entire history of the world. Eat whatever you want, then go back to saying how vegan you are when somebody asks you whether you are vegan or not. That's what all the other vegans do -- look at the empty meat, fish and egg wrappers and boxes in their dustbins.

    • Um... okay, never said I was giving up meat so the unnecessary explanation is unnecessary.

      So... yeah, your response wasn't helpful. There's nothing wrong with a few plant based meals in your diet.

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    • Lol, okay, please remove yourself and your ignorance from my question and go find yourself a life mate. Maybe a man will quell that anger inside of you? You should go find one and see if that helps your attitude.

    • Yes, she does sound lonely.

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  • I usually eat a lot of fresh fruit for breakfast

    • I heard there are fruits I'm supposed to avoid, though, because of sugar content and carbs. I know we have apples downstairs, but other fruits and veg I'll have to buy on my own and I'm not sure what to do. I'm assuming plain oatmeal with berries is good for breakfast, but I don't want that every day.

    • @Elarra sugar and carbs are fine when contained in fruit as you also consume all the nutriants, fibre and vitamins you need. its fruit juice thats bad for you

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  • Why not eggs? Unlike the birds' eggs that you see hatching into chicks, the eggs that you eat do not contain a developing embryo. In fact, these eggs almost never contain even the potential for life. As such, eggs are typically considered safe on most vegetarian diets.

    • as long as they are true free range ;)

    • I only eat egg whites and that's just enough sometimes for a meal so those are my in between meals snack

  • Babe I have so many options for you I used to be vegan and I am now vegetarian but not super strict (I sometimes eat fish when I eat out)

    I also dont eat bread so most of what I eat is very healthy.

    Impossible for me to post all of my recipes here but google things like fruit and bran muffins as well as breakfast brownies (not with added sugar but rather raw ingredients that give a sweet taste) which are awesome to make ahead of time and grab when you're on the go.

    I love to cook raw oats and dress them up with fruits, nuts and powders; again u can google ideas and I find this perfect for the cold winter days!

    Smoothies are awesome and u can also add oats to these to make them more filling as well as vegetarian/raw protein powder for balance... I recommend warrior blend by sun warrior.

    I don't like to eat too many eggs but they are great for both breakfast and lunch. I will message you a copy of a recipe I love but in general you can mix with any of your favourite veggies.

    Salads don't always have to be boring you can add all kinds to make them more filling and interesting.

    Stews and soups are also good to make ahead of time and you can carry in a container to reheat the next day at work or school.

    I will try to send you some links but most of what I make is from memory now.

  • Breakfast: fruit (banana, apple, grapes, melon, etc), toast and peanut butter, occasionally oatmeal with fruit

    Lunch (or dinner): (broccoli, tempeh (or tofu), potato, edamame stirfry on ramen (healthy ramen), a hefty salad

    Snacks: veggies in hummus, more fruit, .

    I guess i dont eat a lot of different stuff.

  • Mushroom, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, olive, yellow or red pepper sandwiches or tacos. Sautee the mushrooms and peppers.

    • Sounds good minus the mushrooms. Any type of bread or flour shells I should use?

    • For sandwiches its good on bakery bread. For tacos, its good on corn and flour tortillas.

  • what do you usually eat in the morning?
    have some oatmeal with fruits and honey and almonds plus coffee
    also a cocktail and put some cereals in it too to add some crunchy feeling

  • Oatmeal with almond milk,
    Toast and olive oil spread
    Veggie bacon
    Veggie sausages

    Beans and rice

  • I'm not vegan but my boyfriend is and he likes having oatmeal with fruit or a spicy tofu scramble


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