What do you usually eat in a day?

- 2 slices of ezekiel bread with half of a banana and peanut butter on top.
- 2 tbs of soy creamer and coffee
-Yellow curry lentils with brown rice and avocado
-2 enjoy life chocolate chip vegan cookies
- Orange
- Grilled chicken breast
- Quinoa with corn
- Mixed salad


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  • 3 extra large eggs over easy fried in bacon grease, half lb of bacon, half a dozen sausage links, 3 cups of diced potatoes, 3 slices of either multi grain or rye bread toasted, a pint of almond milk, either a couple bananas, apples or pears.

    I love soup and sandwich, so I usually have 2 sandwiches of pastrami on rye, piled high with melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut and lots of mustard with a bowl of vegetable soup and crackers. Some butter cookies afterwards.

    Snack time would be mixed nuts or cut up cucumber/tomato with salt and pepper

    Dinner could be anything, today I might bbq some chicken or make pasta, haven't decided but if I bbq chicken I will eat about 6 drumsticks, red skin potatoes, steamed broccoli and salad consisting of leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell peppers.

    If I eat again it would probably be more mixed nuts or right now pumpkin seeds.


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  • I don't have a typical daily menu, but yesterday (kind of embarrassing once i write this out)

    -Bowl of oatmeal
    -Cup of Fruit
    -Marionberry Greek Yogurt
    -Strawberry Poptart

    -2 chilidogs
    -Venti Vanilla Latte

    -2 pieces of pepperoni pizza
    -5 cups of 2% milk
    -Spinach/Chicken salad with honey mustard dressing
    -Chocolate milkshake

    • I wish I let myself eat all that lol I love sweets.

    • Well, i eat a lot. I actually eat more than my boyfriend, he says i have hollow legs in which to put all the food. I don't think about it too much, but when i write it out here, it makes me think i eat way too much.

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  • Huh... I usually just eat dinner and ice cream... That pretty much it 🤔 Sometimes I won't eat anything at all in a day

  • I do intermittent fasting and only eat from 9pm to 12 am. I have one meal and it's whatever I like. I try to keep it under 700 calories though!

    • Is it temporary to reach a goal weight?

    • Yeah :) I'm not fat but I want to be skinnier haha! I don't have much to lose but I noticed that intermittent fasting is actually good because you don't feel hungry ^__^

  • Am I the only person who doesn't painstakingly monitor their food or eats different things?

    • Lol I do that so I won't overeat and i'm 5'10 133 ibs and trying to get to 120 ibs at least.

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    • I do eat though. never starved myself.

    • It's something many suffer with... you should try and enjoy food and stop watching everything. It's possible to maintain or lose weight without being obsessive

  • Breakfast: usually none. Sometimes an apple or a banana.

    Lunch: a veggie sandwich, some more fruit or soup,

    Dinner: pasta with veggies or veggie and tempeh stirfry over ramen.

    Snacks: fruit and more fruit, pita and hummus, popcorn.

  • I don't have a typical set of things I normally eat. It changes drastically everyday

  • i eat 2 times a day... whatever it comes my way

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