Can't bartenders check to see if your ID is valid?

So I moved to Texas from Florida in April, I've been here seven months and I have never had a problem with getting a drink at a bar (No, I'm not 45+, I'll be 27 years old next month). There was this place I was going to regularly for about two months and I go in last night, I try to get a drink and some bartender I hadn't seen before asks for my ID... I give it to her and she asks if I have a Texas ID, I say no and then she goes on to tell me she can't serve me because she sees too many "fakes" from Florida.

Can't they check if your ID is valid? I'm going on 27 for fucks sake! I was so pissed off


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  • As a bartender in Texas, the bartender has the right to refuse service to anyone. However... if your Florida ID isn't scannable like a Texas one, it is harder for a bartender to validate if it's a legit ID or not. However, she could have just had her manager check it out rather than just not serve you. I do know that Oklahoma ID are not usually accepted because there's a place right before you cross into Texas that will print you an ID card at their shop or you can even walk into grocery stores to have state ID made. That's a big reason why they are picky with out of state customers. Sorry you had to deal with her.

    • Lol, bartend in Austin?

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    • Living in West Austin, trying to move central in the next couple of months. I go to 6th all the time.

    • Nice! Hope all goes well with the move. And tell the bartender to stop being so uptight and give you a drink lol. Maybe I'll catch you down there next time I'm in Austin! 🍻

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  • I couldn't ever check if the id was fake because in the bar I work in all there is is a cash register so..

    • I went to another bar right after and when the guy asked for my ID he held it up to a light to check for the hologram inside the card. Am I missing something here?

    • Id give you my input on it but i just looked at your response to others and you're rude as fuck. No wonder you spend your time sitting in a bar ✌🏻️

    • I didn't mean to come off as rude on my response, though I can see why you would think that it's that way... one kid is 18 and the other guy is clearly a troll (Just look at his feed on his profile). But couldn't you just check for the hologram?

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  • They're no experts and want to avoid liability per the owner's request. Since your a regular, can't you speak to a manager after hours about it? I'm sure they'd be more knowledgeable about the autheniticity of your ID and might get you aquainted with a bartender or two who work there when you go. Just a suggestion.

    I'm assuming you don't plan on getting you TX drivers license anytime soon.

    • I don't really see much of a point to, I can't really think of a good reason to go down to the DMV and go through all trouble just so I don't get hassled at a bar. Maybe It's shortsighted, but whatever...

  • She has better things to do than to give a crap about you.

    • Thanks man, I took a lot of time to consider what you said and you're right. Fuck her job, she has to spend more time being a bimbo.

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    • Uh huhhhhh

    • You're definitely 27. Bitter as fuck. XD

  • They can't check, they can only look at the ID.

    • Okay, but can't they see the hologram in the card? How the hell would you know anyways, you're fucking 18.

    • I do have an ID.

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