Potential Giuliani appointment vs the dreaded Milk-Biscuit Loop?

With Trump's approaching presidency, there is a real danger that Rudolph Giuliani will be appointed to a position of national authority. That said, an even more prescient issue awaits those who voted for neither of the two main parties:

We all know that to end the dreaded Milk-Biscuit Loop, one has to finish with a resolute gulp of milk. Not with the biscuit/cookie, or the chocolate.

The question still remains however:

Do you correctly estimate the ammount of milk to pour out, in relation to the anticipated biscuit/chocolate intake? Or do you do what I do, and get trapped in a loop of having no milk left to give closure to the biscuit/chocolate, pouring more milk, and then 'justifying' that milk with more chocolate... which then inevitably outlasts the milk, hence requiring lactic reinforcements to continue the cycle?

Any strategies? Thanks etc.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't like milk or biscuits!!!

    • Wow... guys, we Found her!
      The singular non-milk/biscuit loving biped... haha! Are you a 'savoury girl' then? you're the first person I've spoken to who doesn't like milk and biscuits. Great courage to come out of the cookie closet... That said, I performed once at an event night called 'Milk and Cookies', so maybe Im at the hardcore end of the spectrum.

What Guys Said 1

  • I am very confused

    • Waffles have the right to be confused on this subject - you're rivals afterall :)