Where does one draw the line between being an adrenaline junkie and recklessness?

Im trying to gain weight currently 6'1 and 160, but no matter how I eat it all goes to muscle. I quit cardio a couple years ago sticking with (basketball and weight training) but i only gained 15 pounds in 2.5 years. My problem is that I keep going, even if injured or sick. Could be coffee but im not a regular drinker. I just want some weight on my torso.


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  • Either way your body isn't in bad shape or being harmed right? You're just working on yourself, and I think with you still working out it's still targeting your abdomen muscles somehow

    • I guess not but lately I've been wondering if a high tolerance for pain is a good thing or bad? Went to the dentist and they were astounded my wisdom teeth were in for so long but maybe its a blessing in disguise, time will tell

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    • twenty five

    • oh okay lol

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