Ever been a bar you went to , all of sudden it just wasn't as busy anymore?

has been a bar I've been to on Saturdays on and off over the years , I guess its sort of a country/rock bar , more of a country bar. it had always been really busy on Saturday nights but lately it just hasn't been as busy or people didn't seem to arrive till much later if it got busy. I know the last Saturday I was there it wasn't busy at all but was exams and a UFC fight at sports bars that night.

but have sort of noticed it hasn't seemed as busy or something this fall , maybe its just me but in the past the place was crazy packed but lately it doesn't feel that way , I'm not sure why it isn't as busy or if it was just me , there is a lot of competition in that city and a couple new bars have opened up , although only one of them does anything similar to a country bar and I'm not even sure how busy it is either as I haven't been to it yet


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  • Doesn't this happen all the time? Bars close all the time as they go out of vogue. I'm not sure what causes a bar to go out of vogue (I don't know the restaurant industry), but this doesn't seem odd to me at all.

    • well true this does happen a lot , in another nearby city I didn't even realise till the other day that its bar downtown had closed , it had reopened a couple years ago and renovated a bit and that seemed to give it some life but a couple years later its out of gas again and now permanently closed according to google
      the bar itself doesn't seem to have a lot of answers as to why its not as busy anymore , some girls mentioned something to a staff member on Saturday and his only answer was it hadn't been as busy lately , myself I'm not exactly sure but part of the blame always has to fall on the management , they have all the control and can create drink specials , events , hire staff , advertising etc

    • want to add I don't think this bar is in immediate risk of closure , although it will be a very difficult month to make a financial success , last 2 Saturdays weren't as busy and they've never been busy on Friday even when they were busier , and with Christmas eve being on a Saturday there closed this weekend , although they are open this Friday and add said no cover as attempt to bring extra people in , so the month of December has pretty much been a write off , although new years eve in on a Saturday so it could be extremely busy and make up for some of the lost revenue , but every other bar is also open that night so hard to say

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  • no they r still popular


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