Is it possible to order American food, if you live in Greece?

I mean canned food, or snacks like chips and cookies. I've seen some nice stuff on the internet, but they're not available here.


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  • Yes i'm sure it's possible. You should get into contact with some food sellers in America and ask them if shipment to Greece is possible. I would very much think so, I would just assume the shipment cost may be a lot though.

    Do you have any restrictions on food produce entering Greece? I know that here in Australia, any food that is not packed properly and labelled clearly with the Australian Food guidelines will be confiscated and not allowed entry.

    So you should have a look into that. But otherwise yes it can happen.

    • It's just some products that aren't available here, because they're not released in Greek market I guess. I am searching for Pokemon food particularly.

    • That sounds ok. You should be fine

    • Thank you for MH

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  • What specifically is not available? the brands or the types of food?

    • I search for Pokemon canned pasta from Heinz and also Pokemon Mac & Cheese.

      and some Pringles flavors that are not available here.

    • No comparable substitutes?

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  • Can you not order the stuff online? What is it... ill just throw it in a box and ship it to you lol

    • I found some on eBay about Pringles, but this Pokemon pasta from Heinz... nah.

  • Yeah there's usually some websites that sell that sort of stuff.


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