What are your favourite recipes?

If you can make a recipe using some of the following ingredients I'll give you MHO ;) :P

Canned tuna
4 bean mix
Canned garlic and onion tomato
Canned sweet corn
Red kidney beans
Canned tomatoes
Chick peas
Coconut cream
Light coconut milk
Canned asparagus spears
Soy sauce
Oyster sauce
Sesame oil
Beer (Heineken, Gold Max or Steinlager, not that it makes much difference in this case)
And the obvious things like onions, garlic, a varity of herbs and spices, salt, pepper, cheese, flour (?), etc

I could probably pick more things up at the grocery store too :)
I have mince, steak, lamb chops and vermicelli too now


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  • You could make an okay tuna casserole, a bunch of bean based soups, and an Italian dish.

    There's a site called https://myfridgefood.com/ where you can enter all the things you have in your kitchen and they'll give you recipes that use them.


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  • My go to needs lentils & water. Everything else is to taste and or optional.
    - fennel seeds
    - vegetable oil,
    - chopped onion
    - garlic, crushed or finely chopped
    - finely chopped carrot
    - chopped celery if available
    - 1/4 cup lentils
    - water a cup should do, perhaps a bit more
    - soy sauce
    - bay leaf

    Dry roast fennel seeds until aromatic
    Add 5 ml vegetable oil, more in small amounts as needed
    When oil is hot add carrot, celery and onion and sweat
    When onion is translucent add the garlic
    Then the lentils
    When the lentils are well coated in aromatic oil, add water, bay leaf, soy sauce
    (I make my own stock, much better than plain water. You didn't mention it so water jazzed up with soy sauce, maybe sesame oil, red wine, oyster sauce etc should do. Or could use a low salt store bought liquid stock or stock cube)
    Bring to the boil, reduce to a simmer
    Season to taste.
    Depending on the type of lentil 20 minutes simmering should do it.
    You can eat as is or add broth for lentil soup, or to be puréed with a tomato maybe, for use as a pasta sauce.

    • Another option would involve frying up cabbage and onion in the same kind of aromatic oil with enough lardon or chopped rashers to make you smile.

  • Italian bread, canned tuna fish, cheese, mayo, olives, onions, green peppers, tomato, pickles, salt pepper, some viniger and a Heineken beer on the side. With a bag of chips with sour cream dip

  • Unfortuntely, I couldn't cook to save my life!
    I am easy to please though (I have to or I could never eat the horrible things I cook lol). I am thinking that maybe one day I would like to take cooking class with a girlfriend as a way to spend time together. So now all I need is a girlfriend...
    It's impossible for me to say what is my favorite meal. I love so many. I know for sure that it will be something my mom cooked. She is so good at this.

  • You gotta tone the canned tuna down a little lol

    The pasta makes it easy BUT

    You can make corn bean beer mix stuffed into carved out tomatos with cheese or use roasted peppers instead

    For the mix you'd wanna have a good balance of savoury and sweet, seems like we have the ingredients for that

    Carrot cabbage - lets do coleslaw

    Chick peas soup

    Alfredo home made sauce for pasta with whiskey

    Tons of stuff :)

    • We have flour didn't notice and we have olives

      We could make a home made pizza too. Make the dough. Use tomatos for sauce and make a veggie pizza with olives and cheese onions, tomatos and parsley

      Ok one with more details

      1. We could make dough from flour. Roll out pita size dough. Cook it by heating it in a pan. Then brush with olive oil and paprika. Oven for 5-10 minutes until crispy. A touch of sea salt on top

      Now take the
      chick peas
      Red onions
      Feta cheese or reg cheese but feta is better

      1. Sauté onions and garlic throw in chick peas. Cook. Olive oil to glaze. Salt pepper. Grate lemon zest from lemon
      2. Throw in feta cheese or other cheese. Let it melt a little

      take off heat
      Squeeze more lemon juice

      serve with the crispy pita and chick peas mix

      Vibrate and amazing :)
      Bonne appetite

    • Thats sounds really good

  • I make this pizza thing.
    I get dough and I put zucchini, tomato, onion, and mozerella on it. And I put it in the oven. Its really good.
    Its the only thing i know how to make

  • Oh my goodness... I could trie but I don't want to be involved in food poisoning :o
    Me and cooking is like water and fire we don't go together haha :-(

  • This one with melted chocolate over it:

  • I can't cook lol

  • Mix it all together and call that puppy a salad

  • I'll use all the ingredients except coconut, oyster sauce, soy sauce, beer and sesame oil to make a pasta salad or a pasta tuna soup with the soy sauce and oyster sauce included.

  • And the obvious things like onions, garlic, a varity of herbs and spices, salt, pepper, cheese, flour (?), etc LOL pour some salt on onions and give a try! ;DDD I don't know how it will taste but sure it'll be some adventure. ;DD

  • mercimek havuccc


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  • aah, tuna, the chicken of the sea.

  • there are bunch of healthy recipes using most of those ingredients on the blog pickyeaterblog

    Mine usually includes soup, rice, chicken

  • Mine is simple: Raw fish was wasabi and soy sauce.

  • Oh man to many to choose. I do love my moms chicken enchiladas though

  • You might be able to make some kind of soup with water, canned tomatoes, carrots, onions, steak, and spices of some sort. I don't know though. I'm not very good at this kind of thing.. XD

  • I can't cook yet lol
    But I love cheese ramen.

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