Should I become pescetarian?

I have been thinking about coming pescetarian which is where I can only eat fish is there any other pescetarians here to give advice?

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  • What's your motivation?

    I'm a pescetarian. I don't believe there is any correct diet in a rigid sense. It mostly depends on your constitution and your motivations for what you should and should not be eating. Also, you should pay attention to how you feel and adjust as you go. I do have books on macrobiotics, and they suggest eating a lot of meat is bad (builds poor quality blood, hard to digest, creates toxicity etc).

    In my opinion, if you stop eating meat, you need to know how to create balance. You're going to run into problems if you still base your diet on sugary foods, poor quality, processed junk, refined flours, etc. This is the kind of crap that a lot of vegetarians and vegans eat. Also, if you drink a lot of fluid, you probably won't need so much.

    But I don't believe meat is essential. It really depends on the details in regards to health. Eating meat can be both unhealthful and healthful. A moderate approach is usually best.


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  • That's totally up to you. I can't eat meat or fish because it makes me physically sick. I love the clam chowder at Disneyland but anytime I used to eat it I would immediately get horrid stomach cramps. :(
    I think I might even have an allergy to egg but I still eat it sometimes.

  • I guess I technically am, but I rarely ever even eat fish. I just really don't like meat. I find it to be a much healthier lifestyle