Is it weird that I dislike having my fridge full?

I never buy things till they're almost over. Till I have only a box of pasta left for example.

I just hate having lots of food/snacks in my house. Dunno why, but it just annoys me.

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  • It's not weird, but I don't have the same opinion as you. I like having everything I want, whenever I need it.

    But I'm also in college and can't drive so I can't just go out and get stuff lol

    • I don't drive either, since I go on foot everywhere.

    • In that case you probably wouldn't want to get a bunch of stuff and have to lug it home.
      I have a friend take me to the store once a month so I don't have to carry it

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  • No it's not weird , you wouldn't believe the food gets wasted at my home
    due to people not eating and leaving food lay.


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  • I hate it too. So hard to move things around and grab things.

    You can always get a jumbo fridge :)

  • It's not weird, having your fridge full will be difficult to find something I've wanted.

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