Does anyone know a reliable recipe of red velvet cake? Plus some tips?

I'd like to make my boyfriend a pretty naked red velvet cake with some berries for decoration but I have no idea how to do it.

I'm a fairly good cook but I don't really trust internet recipes.

Has anyone ever successfully done it?


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  • I've done this one many times:

    Although you know, in a pinch, the box stuff always tastes fine to me. I haven't made a cake out of a box since I was a teen (I do enjoy cooking very much), but every time I've tasted a box cake, it always strikes me as indistinguishable from its homemade counterpart.


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  • Personally I have made a red velvet cake from scratch. That means not from a box of cake mix. All decent recipes call for 1 ounce of red food coloring. You need to protect your kitchen because red floor coloring will definitely stain. Even the batter will stain. So protecting the counter tops and floor or just be super paranoid. I recommend having a wet rag close by in case some food color gets on anything. Your going to need additional round baking pans. Also if you buy dark pans you have to adjust your baking temperature according or the cake will burn. It's very time consuming. I decided that I would never make it again and that I could buy one at Sam's club etc. for cheaper that my time and cost of ingredients. I enclosed the link to Alton Brown's recipe for red velvet cake. Good luck!!!

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