People who go to bars , have the people ever stopped coming for no particular reason?

like all of a sudden the scene just died and even the regulars didn't bother to show up? I'm trying to figure out whats going on with my local pub , people just weren't around this holidays at all and I'm really not sure why , normally its a fairly busy time of the year at least on Friday nights and such , I walked in there last Friday at 10pm and the place was empty , a couple staff standing around and maybe 3 customers , normally it be packed if not standing room only on a Friday , a few other people showed up later but it never got close to full or normal levels

I also guess there has to be a particular reason why they stopped coming I just can't seem to figure it out , they haven't raised any prices as far is I know and the menu/staff is the same , although one change from the past was they didn't bring back a heated outdoor patio cover which created some extra space outside as its cold out here
there also hasn't been any new pubs/bars or restaurants open up here recently and the others nearby also seemed oddly quiet this holiday as well


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  • I dont go to bars but I did work as a bartender. It happens apparently, I've worked at bars that were once booming so much that you couldnt find a seat. But then they died down so much they couldnt afford to keep the regular night DJ

    • yeah it seems to happen in the bar industry , since I first posted this a month ago , no one answered till now , 2 bars/restaurants closed down here all of a sudden although not the one I originally wrote the question about its still open , but a tropical themed bar / restaurant it closed down very suddenly , the auction is tomorrow if you want to buy there stuff? is plastic palm trees going cheap. also had a chain restaurant announce this week there closing the local location to renovate it into a new concept which will re-open later this year , so it seems to be a very tough industry with closures a regular part of business

    • Its extremely common for them to boom like hotcakes and then flop. Just around the other street, a bar just closed down too.

      For one reason or another, people lose interest.

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  • I think a neighborhood/corner bar usually has a steady amount of business. However, a trendy place can lose its business because people who patronize that type of bar are into the "next new thing."

    • I agree a local hangout has a more stable client base , where on the other hand a trendy bar can be really hot one day and be not so hot a year down the road and lose those customers to a new bar

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