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I was hanging out with a guy I'm interested in the other day. At one point his phone beeped so he checked it and laughed out loud. He then told me, "My friend just asked me 'What are you up to?' and I said 'At coffee with (my name)' and he said 'Oooh, scandalous - are you still on that thang?'"

I laughed, and so did he, and then he typed back (and said aloud), "Lol, what thang?"

Was his friend teasing me because he might be interested in me as well?

Was his friend teasing *him* because the guy I'm interested in might be interested back?
Also, I meant to put this in the "flirting" category - don't know how it ended up in Food & Beverage.


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  • Probably not, but if you're going out with this guy you're "interested" in, his friend should understand. Its common practice not to become involved with someone else, and they should respect that whether or not they like you. Also, you need to ask yourself if you care. Are you more interested in this guy you were hanging out with, or his friend who texted him? Good luck!

    • Oops, sorry - I just added an edit to the question. I meant to ask if his friend was teasing him because the guy I'm interested in might be interested back?

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