How can I enjoy vegetables?

I'm the type of person who LOVES sweet things. I eat a lot of fruit but I mean it's not always good to have all of that sugar. I don't like eating vegetables really. The only ones I like to eat are corn, carrots, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, onions, zucchini, and potatoes. What are some ways I can eat more vegetables and actually enjoy them? I'm pretty much asking for food combinations so I can eat the vegetables I DON'T like so I can get my vitamins!


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  • Spinach has a mild flavour, just squeeze out excess liquid. It wilts quickly and can be soggy.
    Try thinking of veggies as an ingredient.
    - Cheese - asparagus omelette.
    - cabbage sautéed with onions, garlic, ginger, fennel seeds and soy sauce
    - aloo gobi, easy Indian recipe, cauliflower & potatoes cooked with garam masala.
    - don't be afraid of salt.
    Lemon is a great flavour enhancer.
    - chopped Brussels sprouts sautéed with fennel seeds, garlic, ginger, and a squeeze of lemon.
    You can mix veggies with a favourite savoury ingredient, lardons, pork cracklings et cetera.


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  • Looks to me like you already can eat a good a assortment of veggies. I wouldn't sweat this if i were you.


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  • You already eat a lot of vegetables. If you want to eat more try to see if the italian way of cooking them is good for you.

    The secret for a good diet is to eat everything, but in small quantities


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  • Why don't u juice them instead? For example, I juice spinach/cranberry/cucumber almost everyday. Or u can choose whichever veggies u like and juice them!

  • Its the way you cook them or prep them.

    Try below:

    *Grated carrots taste great in salads
    *Small chopped bell peppers.. taste great in salads
    *Roasted carrots
    *Roasted mushrooms
    *Roasted bell peppers
    *Honey roasted parsnips
    *Roasted butternut squash
    *Roasted pumpkin
    *Fried cauliflower in gram flour
    *Cauliflower sabzi (indian style cooking)
    *Carrot sabzi (indian cooking)
    *Bell pepper sabzi (indian cooking)
    *Al dente (slightly raw) broccoli
    *Boiled, fried bussel sprouts with bacon, chestnut
    *Steamed green beans
    *Steamed asparagus
    *Stuffed mushrooms
    *Stuffed bell peppers
    *Vegetable curries taste great

  • Use carrots, fennel and red pepper. Slice them small and wok them with raisins and nuts and add some desert herbs like saffran, cinnamon, cardamon, ... You ca add other vegetables is available.

  • Just eat with something you like