Culinary school advice?

Hi there, I'm about to finish my undergrad in sustainability and I decided I would like to try my hand at culinary school or a cooking program or degree before I dedicate my life to becoming a full fledged adult (can't hurt to have an extra skill or degree right?). I have a passion for sustainable food and cooking and I would love to have some more experience. I began cooking all my food to be more sustainable and to have more fun and I found that that alone has immensely improved my mental and physical wellbeing. I may or may not get a job with my cooking experience, so I'm looking for something rather affordable. Does anyone have any advice for where I should start if I want to get some sort of degree for cooking? My friend currently goes to a very decent community college and says her degree is only about a grand per semester. I'm not trying to go broke doing this haha. Thanks!


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