Did I have the right to get this mad?

Today I literally exploded with rage. My siblings stole my food and didn't save me anything and I just got so mad. Its been going on for weeks now. I have been having sweet tooth and cravings and after I buy snacks I bring them home and and share. Literally everytime because I know if I dont they will try to ask or steal my stuff so I buy them things to keep them off my back. But what do I get everytime? They keep stealing my food. Im not greedy by far I always bring back food from my job and everytime I buy stuff I buy them things too. Last night I didn't have much money so I offered my younger sister some of my goodies if she gave me head massage before I went to sleep
And when I woke up everything was gone! But did I get mad? No. I let it go. Today though they crossed the line. They stole my food after I got off work and ate it all. Nobody ever cooks dinner so I knew I would have to make my own dinner even though I just bought 8 dollars worth of food for myself and didn't get any. So I started screaming at everybody saying if they want anything to ask instead of steal from me. Then I got extra mad when my brother, who is OLDER than me and should be buying his own stuff, told me "alright bitch shut up." that really crossed the line because I didn't call any one of them any names. I got so mad and told him not to call me names and that instead of getting mad he should apologize to me for taking my stuff (and yes I was screaming but I was only saying the truth, not being disrespectful or mean in my opinion). And he just sat there with a stupid look and its been a whole hour later and Im still mad because thats just plain disrespectful. They are acting like I got mad for a petty reason but its pent up from weeks of not getting to eat anything that I buy even after taking extra measures to try to prevent them from taking my stuff. (My two sisters are 14 and 16 and my brother is twenty! They Know better)


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  • Of course. They don't respect you while you respect them, so you're going to be pissed whenever they do something disrespectful since you aren't getting the respect that you deserve. Also, stealing another person's food is enough to piss anyone off, no matter how patient. I'd definitely be pissed too.


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