Does anyone know a good tiramisu recipe?

I want to do it again on Valentine's. Last time I did, I found that the biscuits didn't have a strong coffee taste as they should have, in order to contrast with the chocolate's sweetness.
Maybe it needs some liquor?


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  • I always mix the coffee with rum.

    Here's the recipe I use, it's tested and it tastes authentic haha

    • Interesting in that they don't sprinkle chocolate over the ladyfingers, just at the end.
      And rum! Aha, I will try that! Thanks for the link and review!!

    • I've never seen a recipe with sprinkled chocolate haha but it sounds awesome.

      No problem!

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  • have you tried making the espresso extra strong?

    • I've been using regular coffe since I don't have an espresso machine. I guess the quality of the coffee might also be an issue, if not the main cause!

    • i've always heard it has to be espresso

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  • Just buy it.

    • That's... that's just not an option! :D

    • Can you not find it in Japan?

    • If anything else fails I can buy at Costco's, but that would defeat the purpose of doing it specially for my boyfriend. If I do it at home, I can also manage the amount of sugar and more or less know what's in it.

  • I do. You can always add coffee grains to this recipe if you like. I'd also add grated *dark* chocolate to reduce a bit of sweetness. I don't know about you, but I love Nutella, so to me this recipe is good.

  • try looking in pinterest