What is your favorite dish? And what do you hate?

What is your favorite dish ? And what do you hate ?I just love CHICKEN and of course my amazing Italian Lasagna <3
I don't like Bacon >.< Sorry but it's not for me.

What about you guys?


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  • My favorite is definitely sushi and sashimi
    I can't get enough of it! I eat it at least 3 times a week!

    As for stuff I hate, I'm not a fan of dessert such as brownies or ice cream cake 😝

    • I LOVE SUSHI <3

    • Yes, but they are expensive :(

      No offense, but I was in Italy 10 years ago and I thought that the pizza would be better. Don't get me wrong because it was still delicious, but I still think NYC pizza is better. Maybe my expectations were too high :p

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