What Brand of Bubblegum Is the Best?

I've been looking into different brands of bubblegum I would like to try, so far I have Double Bubble and Bubblicious. :) Anyone know of anything different that is really good for making bubbles with?


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  • My preference is Bazooka bubblegum.

    • I've tried it before but it doesn't make big bubbles XD

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    • I generally only use on piece at a time. Chew it for at least a minute or so, wrap it around the tip of my tongue and blow. As a matter of fact, I'm chewing Bazooka as I type.

    • Oh I see, thanks for the tips! 😊 Haha cool, I have "5" gum on my desk beside me lol, I try not to chew bubblegum near my computer desk XD

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