Anyone want to come do some whiskey shots with me 21+ only?

Bored and have whiskey to share and some 4 lokos. Wish i had some people to drink with haha. Approximately 650ml down got 850ml to go on. and 5 4lokos left.


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  • Nope me and whiskey are a bad combanation

    • I won't lie, me and alcohol in general and women that take their clothes off when they get drunk are not a good combination at times. if they are being flirty and dirty then yeah you can see where that might go... but they can full nude and if they are chill and will sit and have a normal conversation i will look them in the eyes the whole time. i would know its happened before. my buddies ex girlfriend took her clothes off and we talked about any and everything... when he came around is when it turned. she sat on my lap and started teasing to piss her ex off... well teasing went to playing to we locked ourselves up in my room for the better part of spring break with 2 bottles of Jaeger and 1 of whipped cream vodka...

    • the funny part is that my girlfriend at the time knocked on the door and asked if we were okay. when we said yes she asked if she could join wheni said no she said "really? your girlfriend can't have a threesome with you and a strange woman" i said no (sh*tfaced at this point) she said okay but you owe me when you two are done... apparently i had forgotten i had a girlfriend at all and had a 4 day escapade with another woman and my girlfriend was completely okay with it. she the person i was sleeping with and myself all became friends when i sobered up. and still are to this day. wow that was a long story.

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