If a bar isn't even busy on St Patricks day?

is that like a sign something is seriously wrong? I was downtown on Friday. everything was pretty busy , some of the pubs had crazy long line ups and the nightclubs got busy later on too.

but was one bar/nightclub that never really got busy and a lot of the time its not busy on Fridays as Saturday is its main night when it does get very busy. ( but it did have a sign outside that had been advertising there st patricks day party all week so I think they were expecting more people to show up as the downtown was very busy )

being that st patricks day is pretty much one of the biggest drinking nights of the entire year. if the bar isn't even busy is that like a sign something has gone wrong? terribly wrong


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  • Nothing's wrong. People probably are going to a party, a different bar, or chose to drink at home

    • well true there is a lot of other options that night , just the fact it wasn't busy and its st patricks day to me seems a bit off though. how is a bar not busy on st patricks day when its on a Friday night?

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