How much alcohol can you drink before family can smell it when you get home?

I'm from a conservative family.


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  • I have the same issue, so i always go far away to drink and if am nearby to my house i make sure i dont have more than a point or vodka to be best, i also plan to eat a lot with onion as it kiils the smell.

    • one pint of vodka won't give off a smell?
      how much bear can you have?

    • One pint of beer or 60ml vodka nothing more or i plan to stay long till my parents don't fall asleep so i can go to washroom directly and use a toothbrush

    • thanks

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  • If you're around a group of people that never drink they're going to smell it on you right away.

    • i had a beer once and went back home after a few hours and no-one noticed. do you think maybe i just got lucky? if that was the case then that sucks.

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    • where are you from?

    • I don't see what that has to do with anything...

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  • Depends what kind of alcohol and the percentage. Beers tend to have low alcohol content versus shots where there is high alcohol content. 1 shot of a high alcohol content can cause a smell.

    • i had one beer once. no-one noticed anything but i didn't enjoy it. what's the maximum i can take so that i feel something (i don't mean go drunk) but avoid the smell?

    • Hmm. That's a little hard to know but from my experience I would drink lots of water to make sure your mouth does not get dry and dehydrate. More water dilutes the alcohol in your system. Also really depends on body weight as well because the heavier you are more tolerable the alcohol in your body.

    • I'm 60 to 70 kg. i guess I'll try the water technique.

  • Very little, most people can smell it


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