Why are lots of vegetarian dishes spicy?

I've noticed a lot of dishes that undergo alterations to become vegetarian usually end up spicy. Is it because spice covers up what's lacking? For example, I get a chicken stir fry a lot at my favorite Chinese place in town. One time I decided I wasn't in the mood for meat and went with the vegetarian option, but it was spicy when the other options weren't. And another example: on lasagna day my workplace serves veggie and regular lasagna, and the veggie one always has a kick to it. Same with all the MRE's I've eaten, vegetarian MRE's are something "spicy" 90% of the time.


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  • veggies don't absorb spices like meat.

    • So, meat eliminates spice in dishes?

    • 10 gms of spices is cooked with 100 gms veggies will be more spicy than 10 gms of spices cooked in 100 gms of meat.

      in conclusion, it will taste less spicy.

      if you increase the meat to 300 gms , its possible that it won't taste spicy.

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