If you had to eat all food just 1 way, which would you rather eat with?

I know you eat ice cream with spoons, spaghetti with forks, pizza and chips with hands, etc. But this is geared towards if you had to eat all your food just one way, assuming you were trapped somewhere with 0% chance of escape and the person over you only gave you 1 of these choices.
  • Hands
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  • Spoon
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  • Fork
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  • Chop Sticks
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I eat traditional food with my right hand.
    When it comes to noodles, soup, I use fork/spoon.
    So I would pick my right hand, because that would mean more traditional food.

    • If they hold you captive, you have to eat whatever they choose.

Most Helpful Guy

  • chop sticks for a challenge and also if I need a quick shank made


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