Why is the price of organic food generally far higher than the price of conventional food?

I think they spend more time cultivating and preparing but I am mainly asking why it is so much higher instead of a little higher. This goes with basically any variety of food: coffee/tea/chocolate/meat/vegetables/fruit

It would seem to me that it is not priced accordingly to its value. What could be some of the things or reasons going into this.


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  • Organic food does cost more to grow as you pointed out, but it also doesn't last as long in the supply chain. If an organic apple goes bad faster because it doesn't have the chemical treatments that regular apples have, there's more waste. More of the stuff will die on the way to the store or have to be thrown out when it's not sold before it goes bad. More waste = more that the consumer has to pay for. You don't really think the store is going to eat those losses?

    • Basically this.

      And more crops die or have to be thrown out due to disease and infestation and animals eating them because organic farmer don't use pesticides. This causes the farmers to have to sell what lives at a higher price to make up for the loss

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  • Organic production is more labour intensive with lower yields.
    And people are willing to pay more for organic stuff.


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  • fun fact; both are organic or whatever they call it.
    it's just a marketing trick I guess?
    "I have a pretty apple which was inside a box with normal, not perfect apples. let's label that one bio/organic or whatever and sell it for more, while the others are just normal!"
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  • Supply & demand it's what ever the market will pay.


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