How can I consistently be vegetarian (be on a diet) when people always worry about me eating only vegetables?

Since gained so much weigh (around 6kg) with all the junky foods and I decided to eat healthy. I made a rule that all I can buy is drink or vegetables.
I eat lunch with my friends on weekdays in university and recently I have been eating only salad. But my friends ask me like "Are you really okay with eating only that?" or like "eat more! you are skinny!"
So especially when we eat out, it really hard to just have only salad becuase people worry about me too much and they try not to eat what they want to eat because they said they feel guilty. I am thankful that people care about me but at the same time, I find it tooo distructing.
How can I explain to them that I am totally fine with eating only salad?


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  • don't worry about people. you do you

    • Any tips for that? Becuase I feel more guilty when people don't eat what they want...

    • focus on your given diet. don't talk to others about food etc

    • thanks for the MHO. hoped it motivated you.

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  • First of all: vegetarianism isn't a strict "vegetable only diet." And vegetables aren't the only things you can eat when losing weight. This is why I tell people: CONSULT A FUCKING DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT HOW TO PROPERLY LOSE WEIGHT.

    You need protein. How you get it, is your business. Yes there are high protein vegetables but there are alternatives such as soy, beans, nuts and other various things that also contain good fats, which you need. Also, you can include unrefined grains (whole wheat whole grain) to your diet, and dairy (such as Greek yogurt, soy milk or regular milk, cheese, etc) and eggs.

    If you simply rely on methods of nutritional deprivation you will lose weight, yeah, but your heath will be at detriment and you can actually plateau - meaning you won't lose weight, as you're body clings to what it has. Also, a big part of healthy weight loss and getting fit comes with burning calories (news flash: you need calories to function and have energy, shocking, I know) more so than you consume.

    • The link above talks about undereating on particular diets and mentions how it can cause you to limit your weight loss.

      Also, it's important to note that forming the ideal skinny, fit body, takes work. You can lose weight and end up "skinny fat" but not balancing out your nutrition or your workout regime. Just eating salads 7 days a week won't give you an ideal body.

  • You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to lose weight. You lose weight by burning more calories than you take in. You can somehow eat 100,000 calories a day as long as you burn off 100,001 calories a day. It's also about proportions as well. I was gaining some weight during winter in college because of studying and too cold to excercise outside. After I realized I was getting heavy, I cut down on the meals and the sweets I ate, but I still eat them except they are in a smaller proportion.

  • Im vegetarian but I usualy eat vegan meals, do some research what you can cook & buy, a balanced nutrition is really important. just eating salad is unhealthy in the long run. 😊

  • Tell them that you are fine with it and you want them to stop bringing attention to it because what you are doing is healthy

    • Its been aournd two weeks since I started and people still pay attention to what I eat...
      But okay I will do so! Thanks for your advice!

  • If you are being vegetarian to try and eat healthy only eating vegetables you are shooting yourself in the foot

    • Why do you say so?

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    • Well if you can find ways to include other nutrients then that's good

    • Thank you!

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