What food do you love that your household hates?

No-one can deny that food is critical in a house and not knowing who owns/called dibs on what can cause horrible fights. One simple way to counter this is to just love something your household hates. What's yours?

Mine are gherkins. My sister said she likes them in burgers, just not whole. I'm not fussed either way.


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  • Hmmmmmm... I guess I eat this probiotic yogurt that nobody in my family likes (it's uber tart). I also eat this really really really rich brownie that I get from where I work and when pretty much anyone else eats it they get sick from an upset tummy. I love the brownies haha. But they're just SOOOO freakin' rich that not many can handle even a bite of it haha. So whenever someone gets an upset tummy I know they ate some of my brownie lmaoo. Like... busted! Hah! My brownie. Hmm I can't think of anything else though. Interesting question! :) It was fun to answer lol


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  • I really like mushrooms but it's frowned upon in my household.


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