I'm hungry and we have no food?

the last time I ate was this morning
we have no food, no money, all we have is water.

We aren't very fortunate
we used to be eating daily but not really anymore
me and my siblings went into foster care and they took my moms income away.

She got us back but it's going to take forever to be able to get the income back...
My mom is disabled and can't work.. I have terrible anxiety so I can't work

So there's just nothing to do but sit here hungry...
There's no father figure in my life, my dad left us

What can we do?
In order to get certain programs for food my mom has to have insurance, and she doesn't. She's trying to get it but its complicated and taking forever.

The school i go to Is only for 3 hours and they dont serve breakfast.. Or lunch...

Even if my mom did get income she probably wouldn't make anything but about 131$ a month


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  • It's a tough situation man. Be strong bro. Things will turn around for you. Take it as a test to built a stronger character in you and as a experience for your future. Be bless.😊


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  • Are you in the US? I have never heard of not getting assistance for food if you don't have insurance.

    • Yes I am
      And in the position we are in there's nothing you can do without insurance
      Plus my mom has joint custody so no benefits go to her

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    • Some times you have to do what you have to do to survive. I am sure your Mother is overwhelmed and could be dealing with depression.

    • Yes I was court ordered to take therapy and she was court ordered to take parenting classes... I think she might've needed therapy too

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  • I have a restaurants. com giftcard if you want the numbers off it to use online

    • That is very nice but no thank you
      I wouldn't feel right taking it
      Im going to let my mom sale my TV to a pawn shop tomorrow so we can eat then
      Im looking forward to it

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    • Its too late here , but thank you for helping me

    • I dont mean now lol

  • Grow vegetables & fruit that's what we did when I was a kid. We worked our asses off and grew enough food to last us the year, and hopefully had enough money here and there to buy some meat.

  • I'm so sorry for your situation. Maybe you can do work that doesn't require much social interaction, like dog walking.

    • In my neighborhood the dogs are trained to attack on sight so I wouldn't wanna do that ID probably get bit

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    • i was going to sell my tv but we got food from a church, so for now we are ok
      and my mom is working on getting her insurance so we may be hungry for a little bit but we'll start getting disability checks and things like that
      it still won't be much but its better than nothing
      thank you for caring bless your heart

    • How are you now?

  • I'd suggest a food pantry or church.

    • Yeah my sister goes to church but they only give her food occasionally, there are bother families like us so they can't just help us

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