Why aren't I a living skeleton by now lol?

I barely eat anymore and if I do its like later in the day like 3:00 on weekends then like at school about 7 then i won't eat till like 3 and itd be something kinda small like 2 pieces of pizza and Thats it. I walk for an hour twice a day to. Im just wondren why i even have a belly still like im hungry rn but im not gonna eat till likr 1 or some shit but im barely eating anything u would think id be weak all the time and stuff and at least be able to wear a crop top lol


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  • Some people just eat less than others, nothing wrong with that. You do you.


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  • When you are younger you can get away with irregular eating habits without it having a major impact. The impact comes as you get older. Your bad habits from your younger years catch up with you.

    You say that you eat in the morning and the afternoon on school days so it's not like you are starving yourself. Plus you eat pizza which is far from healthy.

  • It'll catch up to you at some point. When you don't eat enough, your body holds onto every calorie it can. It will burn muscle before fat. More important is what you eat - eat protein first, then good carbs in smaller amounts.

  • its because you're not eating enough, so those two slices of pizza you ate? they went into storage because you're constantly putting your body into survival mode.

    • Then how do anorexic girls get so skinny? They are always on survival mode lol

    • because they dont eat those two pieces of pizza.

    • Wow that makes me want to starve even more thanks looks like someones not getting most helpful opinion lol

  • First of all, you have to eat healthy and work out. You're not getting nutrients necessary.

    Second of all, PIZZA? TWO SLICES? Really? You expect to lose weight on eating greasy food?


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