Tips to help a lazy eater?

I'm looking for tips, meal ideas to help me eat better/healthier.

home cooked meals are undoubtably the tastiest and healthiest, tho I have issues:
1, ingredients aren't cheap.
2, some, or most of ingredients will expire/go bad before being used again.
3, its difficult sometimes cooking a meal for yourself.
-sometimes I make 2 or 3 servings worth, but never eat leftovers. and throw the excess away.
-the time and effort involved both cooking, and then cleaning..

I so often resort to frozen pizza, bowl of cereal, a sandwich,... the quick, easy, no mess type meals. ... pretty sure my body is suffering..


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  • 1. Buy ingredients when they're on sale. Bulk buying them is also a good idea, as most food produce can be frozen.

    2. Again, keeping food in zip lock freezer bags in the freezer will help with that

    3. Organise them in small quantities when putting them away. Just enough for yourself. That way you aren't using a lot of ingredients and there won't be leftovers

    You'll need to put in some effort if you want to look after yourself. A good handful of people going beyond and spend a lot of time thinking and acting upon this so they can stay healthy in the long run.


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  • Small meals that are quick and easy is healthier for digestion and are less expensive. Try making kale chips. They taste just like potato chips, are healthier, and are super easy to put together.

  • I eat lots of shrimp. If shrimp is in a dish odds are I'll love it. Try shrimp fried rice. And EAT YOUR LEFTOVERS

  • It may sound weird, but I like to get sliced turkey in the package and dip it in mustard for a snack. It's pretty good and also healthy. The mesquite smoked turkey is the best. All you have to do is pull a few slices out of the container, squirt some mustard on a plate, and you have yourself a pretty decent snack.
    They also have some microwaveable steamed vegetables that you could pair with it in the frozen foods section. The steamed broccoli is actually really good.


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